Leanne’s Profile November 2004, Revised April 2015
Hi I'm Leanne, youngest daughter of 'Jill' as you will know her and Eric Finch!
Just felt a little left out with the whole biography thing and thought I might put together a piece of my own although it will be a small piece at that as I haven’t even hit the big 2 1 yet! I am now living in Manchester with 3 of my girlfriends, which is going really well. I moved up here in November last year when I decided Colchester wasn’t the place for me.
I am working for my mums brother Nigel who owns a Building design construction company in Cheadle, Cheshire where I do his accounts amongst other things. At the moment I am in the process of refurbishing his new office which is fun.
I actually live in Hazel Grove, Stockport which is about 7 miles from the city centre but we go into Manchester every weekend. I think it’s a lovely city.
Anyway I will keep this updated as I go through my life of adventures…. till then bye for now, Leanne. Written 2004 whilst in Manchester.
Update: 11.April 2015.
Wow, cannot believe it has been 10 years since I wrote last! Feels much much less! But Iguess they do say that time flies when you are having fun don’t they.So carrying on from my Manchester adventures literally was the most fun I have had in my life. You northerners do know how to have fun and are so hospitable. I am definitely a northerner by nature even if I do sound like I’m from TOWIE! So I basically got home sick, missed my family a lot, but certainly did not regret the move looking back.
I moved back and lived with my dad in Dedham and worked in the local pub part time while I was looking for full time employment.
That’s when I met Blake, Jasmines daddy as he was a Dedham boy. We went on to have Jas a couple of years later, it was the best thing that happened to me, might I add!
Unfortunately we were young and didn’t cope well together with the stress of parenthood and decided to split when Jas was 18 months old, again no regrets as we are very good friends now and I am also really close to his girlfriend Lauren. They have been together 5 years and have a new baby boy, Jasmines half brother Rocco. She adores him.
I have had various jobs over the years. Never quite managed to find my niche in the working world. However 3 years ago I was helping a friend with some cleaning jobs (not my finer moments but it paid the bills!) and I got quite familiar with a family I was cleaning for and their little boy took to me straight away. They approached me and asked if I fancied Nanning for them. I never considered such a career, yet it seemed to just fit. So I did my childcare NVQ level 3 and away I went. Now I am looking after their 2 little boys still 3 years on! Although my hours are slowly decreasing as they are approaching school age.
I have also been very much into my fitness probably for the last 5/6 years, and have decided that I would like that to also be a part of my future.
I have educated myself over the years on fitness and nutrition and found myself helping friends etc with it.
I decided to become a Personal Trainer. I have been studying for this and succeeded Level 2 and Level 3 since September 2014, which I feel is a massive achievement as I was required to do 16 hours worth of studying per week on top of working near on full time hours and being a mum and a home owner!
In March 2014 my partner Gavin and I have been together since May 2012, we bought our first house. It was very rundown and we have modernized it and made it our own.
We are still working on the garden and hope to have it finished by the summer. Gavin has a son, Charlie who is 6 from his previous relationship. He’s a fabulous little guy and him and Jas get on a treat, finally! By coincidence they even share the same birthday!!!!!!!
So my future goals are to become a nutritionist once I have a few years of P.Training in the bag and to make some dosh on this renovation and buy a 4 bed house!!!!
Anyway enough for now!
Wait for my next episode…….you shouldn’t have to wait another 10 years.