Hannahís Blog
Hi, Iím Hannah, daughter of John and Lynne Finch. I was born on 11th June 1986 at Fazackerly Hospital inLiverpool. I started atBurscough Priory High School in 1997 and then studied at Runshaw College from 2002-2004. After deciding I wanted to be a nurse from a young age (this was after I used to watch the hospital programme ĎJimmysí) I enrolled at theUniversity of Central Lancashire in 2004 where I qualified as a Registered Childrenís Nurse in 2007. I started working as a Community Childrenís Nurse in February 2008 based in East Lancashire and I absolutely love it!
I met John in December 2006 and have been together since! John previously was in the RAF and is now a fully qualified Electrician. We bought our first house in Standish in 2010 and added to our family shortly after when we bought our dog, a golden cocker spaniel who we named Lowry.
On my birthday in 2013, John proposed and after bursting into tears, I said yes!!! 2013 was a busy year as we also moved into our second home, our Ďfamily homeí in August, still in the village of Standish.
If we thought 2013 was busy thoughÖÖ2015 is definitely going to beat it!! This year is a very special year for John and I as we are expecting our first baby in May and we also get married in December, just after our 9 year Anniversary!
Hereís to an amazing year! Wait for the next partÖÖ. Coming shortly.
Written February 2015.