Paul and Samantha’s Profile.

My name is Paul Finch one and only son of Douglas and Gladys Finch.
I was born in Ormskirk at Ormskirk Hospital on 21st March 1979 making me 35 years young.
I went to Christ Church infant school in Aughton then to Crosshall High School, now known as Ormskirk School leaving in 1998.
I then went onto Ormskirk College, Skelmersdale College and finally John Moores University in Liverpool.

I have always had a keen interest in computers both hardware and software, though I never play computer games so I’m not a nerd.
My first full time job was working for ICL where I built computers and servers for the likes of Ministry of Defence and Glaxo Wellcome.
My entire career has revolved around these circles my work experience was with the Health & Safety Executive where I gave support in
telecommunication and data communications.

I then worked for a nursing agency for the next 12 years as group IT manager (sounds posh but is wasn't). I would program core business systems which would cover most operations from staff management to invoicing and payroll.

I started my current job nearly two years ago as an Analyst Developer for Johnsons Apparelmaster based in Fulwood (Preston). This to date is the largest company I've worked for, creating software in numerous programming languages to supporting hundreds of office around the UK.

Around 5 years ago, I started flying lessons, of which there were many to obtain my private pilots license.

My parents bought me my first flight where I flew a Cessna from Blackpool Airport and to my mums horror, as she has vertigo, the
flying instructor said it was fine for them to jump in the back seats. Oh the fun times :)
I found flying the Cessna wasn't exhilarating enough so I switched to learning to fly micro lights.

I am now often seen floating around the North West in my own, which I hangar at Garstang. Basically I started leaning as I'm terrified,
I say again terrified of heights. I thought I would conquer my demons :) so if anyone ever wants to jump in the back seat all you need
to do is ask.

In April 2012 I met my Samantha, who lived in St Helens at the time. We both hit it off so well it wasn't long till we where
living together in Southport.
Samantha works for TJ Hughes in Liverpool in Operations, liaising between stores within the UK.

In April 2013 I asked Samantha the big question at our favourite quaint canal side spot in Latham. She was totally surprised and to my surprise she said yes :)
We didn't want to drag out a log engagement so 2 months later we had our engagement party at the Stanley Hotel in Burscough.
At this point we already had the wedding booked for 26th July 2014.

The wedding was held at Christ Church in Aughton, the ceremony couldn't have gone any better, the weather was lovely and hot, perfect for the photographs.
The reception was held at Farington Lodge in Farington, Clayton Le Woods. Lancashire.

More recently, November 2014, we put our house in Southport on the market as we wanted to find something bigger than
our 2 bed Victorian house.
We had our first potential buyers viewing within a few days which turned out to be the only viewing.
We received an Email the same day from the estate agency with our dream house advertised.

The next morning we went to view. We loved it so we bought and sold within 24 hours. I would have done it sooner if I
knew it was that easy.
The whole process took 6 weeks and we moved in just before Christmas on December 18th. 2014.
We love having more space and are totally thrilled.

Things weren't about to slow down at this point, even more hot news.
On January 5th we announced we are having a baby it makes me feel all grown up now.
He/she will arrive in mid July just in time for BBQ season. :)

We will continue after the baby has been born. Watch this space!

Paul and Samantha, 12th January 2014