Jacquelineís Profile

Hello Iím Jacqueline I took my first breath in this great big world 18.10.1949 born at Wallasey were I remained for the first year of my life after which we moved to 41 Whittle Drive, Ormskirk.
When I was 4 years old I remember that Mrs Rimmer took me for my first day at Greetby Hill Infant school, her daughter Wendy started on that day too.
I donít have many memories about infant school, though one that does stand out is that I got told off by a teacher for pinching an apple out of a coat pocket, I donít know whoís coat it was but I saw apples as a real treat, something I wasn't used to much at home!
As the years passed by the family continued to grow our parents still managed a holiday in Middleton Towers - for the 'chosen few'.
Mum worked really hard cooking, cleaning, sewing, nearly all our clothes were handmade- with hand me downs as well, knitting she never stopped. She made her own rugs and let us help and earned extra cash sewing chamois leathers together.
We all had friends, but being a tom boy I didnít really care who I played with.
Mr Farrington was my favourite teacher at Greetby Hill juniors - he was the sports teacher for the green team which I was in, being an excellent all round athletic he liked me too, I think.
The only other memory is getting the cane on numerous occasions and not crying like Jennifer Dickinson always did, a right baby, which I found and still to this day really funny.
I remember Graham being born. I went into the 'box' bedroom to see him he greeted me with a wee, he had no nappy on, naughty boy.
At ten years I went to Wigan Road School, where I made friends Barbara Ashley, Katherine Bolt and Rosalind Hutton.
At the age of thirteen I met my first proper boyfriend he was Denis Hill, from Skelmersdale and so was my friend Rosalind.
I wasn't popular with the teachers I distracted the class too much by making fun when their backs were turned. My interests were still running, hockey and netball.
I remember us three girls Marilyn, Dorothy and I not talking for months upon months, for many reasons such as wearing Dorothyís twin set without asking permission which ended in me putting my fist through the window to get back into the house after she had locked the door and was only willing to unlock it for 5 shillings.
I once smoked in the toilet at home and Colin could smell it so he hit me, bully.
We all remember the dining room table and Colinís rules that went with it, donít we, are you afraid to say.
I always looked forward to a night, seeing dad staggering home through the field after many hours at the pub - we always got a treat - spangles or nibblers.
As a teen I enjoyed telling Mrs Wilson were to go for reasons such as dragging little brother Graham home by the scruff of his neck for squirting water at her clean windows!
Leaving school at fifteen years old I started work at Universal Boilers were I met Trevor when I was 17, we married in 1973 and honeymooned in Blackpool.
I carried on working until 1976 when I had my first child Trevor, he was born on 12th. March, 3 years later Sarah Jane was born on the 16th. April.
I started working again in 1980 at WCF and left in 200 to start my present job as shop assistant.
When my kids started school at St Johns Primary in Burscough and I got involved with the 'amateur dramaticsí for several years. Mum was proud of me when she saw me on stage and so were my children.
I played characters such as Rover the dog, Bobby Small and the Laughing Policeman.
Thatís it for now, woof woof.