Marilyn's Profile.

Hi, I am Marilyn, eldest of the girls and third of the ten children, born on 8th. September 1948 in New Brighton, I moved to Whittle Drive in Ormskirk with Mum, Dad two brothers and a sister in 1951.

I went to Greetby Hill Infants and Junior Schools and then to Ormskirk County Secondary School for Girls in 1959.

I can’t remember much about my childhood but I remember Edith McRae used to take me to school when I first started, I also caught yellow jaundice one year in May and that kept me off school till the summer holidays started that gave me an extra six weeks hols, nice one.

My friend at school was Susan Ross we used to walk to school together through what was known as the ‘Pads’. I have found a photo of me taken with Mr Tinsley and the foreign student Miss Chew, somebody could have told me my cardigan was buttoned up wrong.

At 11 I failed my eleven plus like all the rest of the family, but Susan passed so she went on to the Grammar School and I went To Wigan Road Secondry Modern. There I met Linda Poole whose friend from Greetby Hill also passed the exams, so together friendless we ended up as best friends, we are still good friends but don’t see her very often.

Summer 1962, must have been my birthday, I was the only one to get a brand new Bicycle, of the photo I remember my cardigan that I was wearing riding my bike, this was the best one that Mum had ever made, it was a lovely cabled cardigan in a gorgeous lime green colour, really the best Mum had ever knitted and boy had she knitted some.

Mum taught me how to knit and not meaning to brag I can knit a mean cable cardigan myself, but not as fast as Mum.

I recently finished a lovely white cable jacket, which I intended for Kayleigh but as it took me two years to finishing it, it became Chloe’s, if it had taken longer it wouldn’t have mattered it would have been for Elle.

I left school in 1963 and started work at the offices of Harry Hague in Burscough.

I left there in 1965 and started work at an Accountants office Gasking, Lace and Co. in Ormskirk.

I worked there on and off until 1999, with a break to have the kids and returned on a part-time basis.

In 1999 I felt like a change, it had taken me thirty odd years to decide and I still do the same sort of work with a different Accountant company, George Wright & Co.

I married when I was twenty in 1968 to Llewellyn Johnson (known to us as Llyn) and had two children, David & Mandy.

The children grew up, as they do, no differently than any other children. All was well until in 1991 (Easter weekend) David had a serious motorbike accident, thankfully he recovered, with only the loss of a leg. He met and married Debbie in 1994 and has two children, Nathan and Elle Antonia.

Mandy met Steve Leonard and married in 2000 they also have two children, Kayleigh and Chloe making me a happy grandmother of 4 lovely children.

Sadly in 1992 Llyn died and never saw his grandchildren, but they know all about him and talk about him a lot.

I now have a long relationship with Phil and live in Skelmersdale together.