Graham's Profile

Iím Graham No. 10 of 10 and best looking, born in Ormskirk at home in Whittle Drive Thursday 28th of October 1959.

Earliest recollections were when Jackie was changing me I had a pee.

Donít really remember much before school that started at West End Primary School at the top of the road.
Generally hated school throughout and later went on to Wigan Road High school. I got involved with sport and did cross country running on an inter school basis and also played football for the school.
Having left school without a job for 2 days, I then started at the local Spar shop on the provisions counter and enjoyed it very much as a lot of young ladies came into the shop.

After appox.12 month I had another opening although just a seasonal job down at Lyme Regis as a hotel porter come handyman, I remember an old friend of mine who also lived in the area an incident occurred, I borrowed his motor bike after being worst for wear at a party had an accident which I think wrote the bike off, after making a quick payment to cover for the damage came back to Ormskirk pronto
I then went back to the Spar as assistant manager, but again only for a six month period.

I met Carole and married in 1978, we had 3 children, Graham born in 1979, Mark in 1982 and Brian in 1985.

I had a brief job as a machinist at Millbrooks a furniture reupholsters and then went onto Hedges frozen food wholesalers of which I did almost 25 years.