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June 1966
Mum and Dad married in April 1940, dad serving with the army at the time. I was born the following year in Ormskirk Gen. Hospital April 1941.
We lived with Pop and Nana at Oak Corner in Lydiate, moving to 197 Seabank Rd. Wallasey.
Douglas was born in Wallesey in 1947 after Dad was demobed from the army. Marilyn born 1948, Jacqueline in 1949, both in Wallasey.
In 1951 the family moved back to Ormskirk, to a new 3 bedroom council house. 41 Whittle Drive.
3 weeks later Dorothy Ann was born in March which must have been a harowing time for mum.
Eric was born the following year 1952, John followed in 1953, with Edward 1955, Sandra 1957 and lastly Graham in 1959.
People often wondered how mum managed, father not having a qualified job, but he was never out of work and worked many extra hours to make his money up.
Mum was always dressmaking and knitting pullovers and jerseys for everyone.
Mum often went out doing part time jobs but had to be home when the children came home from school to prepare their tea or dinner.
Their first holiday together was at Butlins Holiday camp about 1962.
I had left home when I was 19, in the late 60's Mum and Dad flew out to Edward and Freda in Australia and stayed 6 months.
During this time, the family decided to alter the house by building an extension at the back for a new large kitchen, installed central heating and making the lounge bigger by knocking down a wall.
Mum and Dad were thrilled when they returned and found everthing had changed.
Sadley Dad died in 1991 caused by a heart attack after falling down stairs. Mother died in 2004 after having Asthma and pluracy problems.
She was and is sadley missed.